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Procurement Manager
  • Bulgaria Sofia Sofia
  • I'm experienced Procurement manager with 5+ years experience especially in Pr...
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  • India Andhra Pradesh Guntur
  • A result-oriented professional offering 5+ years of a successful career with...
Procurement Engineering
  • Romania Galați Galati
  • More than 17 year experience in Purchasing for industrial , offshore , shipb...
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Proprietress Purchasing Officer Imports Officer Buyer Source
  • Philippines Central Luzon (Region III) CITY OF SAN FERNANDO (Capital)
  • I am a seasoned Purchaser Buyer of different raw materials used for furniture...
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Ex: Procurement Services Director
  • Zimbabwe Harare Harare
  • A seasoned Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional who not only has the...
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  • Egypt Al Jīzah 6th of October
  • A professional foreign procurement specialist, specializing in the chemical f...
Sourcing Agent
  • Saudi Arabia Ar Riyāḍ Riyadh
  • My responsibilities and training throughout the past 9 years strengthened and...
Procurement Coordinator
  • United Arab Emirates Abū Ȥaby [Abu Dhabi] Abu dhabi
  • Expert Procurement Coordinator with experience in a wide variety of products ...
Global Procurement Manager
  • Netherlands Flevoland Almere
  • A highly motivated procurement professional with over 15 years proven experie...
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Regional Sourcing Manager , Sub-Saharan Africa
  • South Africa Western Cape Cape town
  • I am a professional Procurement/Sourcing individual with experience in FMCG a...