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Carlos Alexandre M.

Sourcing and Quality Inspector
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Last activity May, 26, 2021 12:06 PM
  • Portugal, Porto, Porto
  • Overview

    I am a very successful professional in domestic and international procurement of great products and services. I also developed and applied PDCA tools, 7 purchase columns, Strategic Sourcing, Kradjic and SWOT; I worked as a manager and coordinator, managing the team (Jr, Pl, Sr), developing the team to achieve high performance. I also have experience in restructuring teams, processes and procedures in large companies such as Mercedes Benz, RENAULT, IBM and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC


Total Work Experience :

20 Year(s)

Experience as a freelancer :

3 Year(s)

Total Experience in Procurement :

13 Year(s)

Languages with Professional working proficiency level :

English - Portuguese

Countries i can cover :

Austria - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Belgium - Bulgaria - Brazil - Czechia - Germany - Denmark - Spain - Finland - France - United Kingdom - Croatia - Hungary - Ireland - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Slovenia - Slovakia

Relevant Procurement Functional Skill/Categories
Sourcing/Category Management 13 year(s)
Manufacturing Components and Supplies
Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies

SAP 4 year(s)

Supplier Development Engineering (SDE)/Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) 9 year(s)
Guy wire

Sourcing/Category Management 12 year(s)
Construction equipment rental or leasing service
  • Technical Gradutate Secondary1990-01-01 to 1996-01-01

    SENAI Mercedes Benz do Brazil

  • Telecomunication System2005-01-01 to 2008-08-01

    Universidade Cidade de São Paulo

  • MBA Strategic Business2009-01-01 to 2010-08-01


Professional certifications :IBECC - Technical Trading in Purchasing- August / 2004 Project Management Orientation IBM Brazil PM54G Feb / 2008 Project Management Fundamentals of IBM Brazil PM10G April / 2008 Leadership in the Environment Project Team IBM Brazil PM11G may / 2008 An Introduction to Project Management IBM Brazil PROJ511 Jun / 2008 Contracting for Project Managers - Brazil- IBM PM12G Jul / 2008 Advanced Leadership for Project Managers IBM Brazil -PM57G Sep / 2008 Balance Score Card FGV - April / 2011 Cost Management – FGV- April / 2011
Past Experiences
  • Pastel30 | Food & Beverages

    2018-01-01 To 2019-01-01

    General Manager

    -Restructuring and developing of the Pastel30 restaurant -Development of all marketing actions (Brand, Campaigns, Social Media, Sales..etc) -Planning and structuring of equipment and processes. -Development of the processes of Purchases and Sales -Development of production processes and methods -Management of the processes of launching and quality of the products and the attendance to the public. CASES OF SUCCESS -Increase in revenue by 20% per month. YTD = 300% -Eleito best restaurant of the segment in just 8 months. -Reduced operating cost by 30% -Expansion of the reach of the brand in social networks (Facebook and Instragram) by 200%

  • Eletrica DW | Wholesale

    2017-02-01 To 2018-12-01

    Procurement Manager

    -I was responsible for 19 people and for stock management for all subsidiaries. -I managed the ABC curve, keeping SKUs of curve A and B in immediate availability, balancing costs across for all BU´s - Restructured the Purchasing department, developing KPIs, Procedures, processes and training buyers. -I developed materials supply strategies, together with the Tendering and Suppliers , reducing the "noise" between Purchases and Sales and approximating the operations. -I negotiated partnership agreements and goals with largest manufacturers. - Reduced and concentrated the vendor list and parts list through technical / commercial equivalents, enhancement the delivery result and reducing the warehouse costs. -I improved the accuracy of the ERP SLIM in the inventory replenishment analyzes for all SKUs of the ABC curve, improving the accuracy of controlling and predicting the rupture rate for all SKu´s. -Developed and implemented, actions along with the Tendering and Logistic Team control to reduce depreciated items reaching 10% of the total volume. -Application of PDCA tools, 7 columns of Purchasing, Strategic Sourcing, Kradjic and SWOT in technical analysis, improving the cognitive performance of buyers and processes. CASE OF SUCCESS -Restructuring of the Purchasing team (People, processes and Procedures) - Saving enhanced from 3% to 30% and reduction in average leadtime from 25 days to 12 days. -Reduced volume of SKUs from 66k items to 48k and rupture rate from 10% to 3%

  • Schneider Electric | Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

    2013-10-01 To 2017-02-01

    Procurement Coordinator LATAM

    - I managed Senior Purchaser´s team for Projects for International and National Purchases of Relays, Remote Units, Power Transformers, Services (Commissioning, Assembling Supervision, Equipment Installation, Civil Construction), Telecommunications Equipment, Cables, BT Panels / MT, Plating. -I Developed and deployed Strategic Sourcing tools in Purchasing (TCO, Kradjic, Porter, SWOT, 7 Pillars) and KPI's for the clusters. -I was responsible for Purchasing in the Tendering Phase and Execution Phase (RFI, Clean Sheet) analyzing LME, Exchange Rate and Risk Analysis for projects. - I applied and managed all contracting processes and agreements, NDA, RFQ, TCO, negotiation, qualification and definition of the vendor list in the tendering phase, for all Schneider Project BU's. -I applied, centralized and managed the Homologation and Audit of new suppliers aimed at partnership and better commercial conditions. 

    I was responsible for LATAM for the development of suppliers, continuous improvement of parts, products, equipment and benchmark for SEB Eletrocenters. CASE OF SUCCESS -Enhancement of cost avoidance in projects average 30%, improving and maintaining project margin. -Reduction of Vendor list around 60%, obtaining improvement in TCO and SLA. - Qualitative Development of 100% of suppliers of A B C Curve. -Reduction of the SLA of the Tendering team to the Client around 50% -Increase the World Purchasing Assessment of Purchases Brazil from level 2 to level 4. - Reduction of project margin deviation, pre-execution, from 80% to 15% of projects. -Reduction of the base price of Eletrocentro by 15% -Development and application of the Project's discarded parts, LATAM, North America and EMEAS, which had as its first priority the centralization of spare parts and equipment for projects and reuse for other business units.

  • Ferragens Negrão | Machinery

    2012-07-01 To 2013-10-01

    International Purchaser

    -I developed and purchased from abroad, stationary combustion engines, small and large generators, lawnmowers and line for garden and agriculture. -I managed the inventory and the development of new projects to improve the layout of materials in the warehouse layout. -Developed and implemented KPIs to measure the monthly results of the department. - Developed products and follow-ups (End to End) from the Benchmarking phase to delivery in our China product warehouses, with label, brand, packaging and documentation application. -Responsible for the release of DI, Invoice and packing list, with the customs partner. CASE OF SUCCESS: -Development of line of Mowers, with exclusive agreement signed with largest manufacturer of tractors of the world (MTD) -Participation and analysis of parts with high failure rate, reducing the volume of customer complaints (35%) and reducing the number of failures by making prevention with the supplier. - Improved product profitability due to renegotiation with suppliers, reducing average cost by 12%. 

     - Optimization of the purchase order processes, optimizing in 25% the time spent to execute the process, since there was no ERP implemented. - Improvement in the process of returning products, increasing the level of control, managing and measuring processes, with application of action plans to reduce the volume of technical and commercial returns by 25%. -Expansion of the company's product scope by 80%, with new products from different segments. - Reduction of 30% of vendor list, counting on new products and certification of new suppliers, bringing a benefit in the purchasing process and product quality.

  • IBM Brasil | Construction

    2005-10-01 To 2011-07-01

    Team Leader

    -I managed 50 technicians at Compad laboratories for testing and repair of banking and commercial automation equipment. - I developed and applied the team's motivational policy (Management by Competence). -I have done and applied Qualitative and Productive Technical Procedures for all 8 hardware and software repair labs. -I was responsible for the productive / financial performance of the group's results in Brazil. -I was also responsible for the Productive and Financial Control of the SARC (Department of Logistics, testing and packaging of hardware), and a new and additional challenge. - Implanted projects for cost reduction, Lean and performance maximization of SARC. 

     - Developed the capillarization of the scope of the SARC, improving controls and promoting transparency in the processes. CASE OF SUCCESS: -Segregation of the scope of work by cells, reducing repair time by 40%. -Development and elaboration of projects of continuous improvement, 5S, KPI's and application of processes Lean Manufacturing, reducing production costs and SLA in Compad and in SARC. -Development and application of process of traceability of equipment, through control by bar code. DOA (Dead on Arrive) return rate from 30% to 5%. -After restructuring Comrpad, I received the invitation to restructure the SARC and accepted it. -Reduction of storage costs of discontinued equipment in the SARC through transfer to other LATAM units.

  • Renault Brasil | Automotive

    2004-03-01 To 2005-06-01


    - I did the work of sourcing, national and international suppliers, seeking reduction of the SLA. I made urgent purchases of parts, services, equipment, tools (stop production), property security, employee safety and environment. - I negotiated to reach the goals obtaining great reductions of cost next to the national and international suppliers. - Follow-up of quotations from national and international suppliers. - I presented performance indicators, monthly and weekly.

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