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Chafai B.

Procurement Manager
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Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Algeria, Alger, alger
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    expert in Procurement and file management (purchase / submission) and sourcing for (supplier / service provider / manufacturer / ... etc.).


Total Work Experience :

14 Year(s)

Experience as a freelancer :

1 Year(s)

Total Experience in Procurement :

10 Year(s)

Languages with Professional working proficiency level :

Arabic - English - French

Countries i can cover :

United Arab Emirates - France - United Kingdom - Oman - Qatar

Relevant Procurement Functional Skill/Categories
Sourcing/Category Management 10 year(s)
Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies
Manufacturing Components and Supplies

Sourcing/Category Management 10 year(s)
Accommodation furniture
Commercial and industrial furniture
Machining and processing services
Doors and windows and glass
Plumbing fixtures
Construction and maintenance support equipment
Adhesives and sealants
Dyeing and tanning extracts
Machined raw stock
Industrial optics
Pneumatic and hydraulic and electric control systems
Housings and cabinets and casings
Machine made parts
Stampings and sheet components
Machined extrusions
Machined forgings
Fabricated pipe assemblies
Fabricated bar stock assemblies
Fabricated structural assemblies
Fabricated sheet assemblies
Fabricated tube assemblies
Fabricated plate assemblies
Magnets and magnetic materials
Sintered parts
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories
Electron tube devices and accessories
Automation control devices and components and accessories
Lamps and lightbulbs and lamp components
Lighting Fixtures and Accessories
Electrical equipment and components and supplies
Electrical wire management devices and accessories and supplies
Heating and ventilation and air circulation
Fluid and gas distribution
Industrial pumps and compressors
Industrial filtering and purification
Pipe piping and pipe fittings
Tubes tubing and tube fittings
Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposal
Cleaning and janitorial supplies
Service Industry Machinery and Equipment and Supplies
Institutional food services equipment
Vending machines
Gambling or wagering equipment
Funeral equipment and materials
  • PEHD 2000-09-01 to 2021-03-01


Past Experiences
  • AMENHYD SPA | Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

    2012-10-01 - Today

    Head of Prourement Service

    Mangement of supplies, sourcing for supplier supply chain etc

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