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Lucia F.

Supply Chain Management consultant
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Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Colombia, Distrito Capital de Bogotá, Bogota
  • Overview

    MBA, Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics and professional in Foreign Trade. Supply chain management consultant with knowledge in logistics operations management, analysis of supply channels, development of reengineering processes and analysis of the operational management for the productivity and profitability of organizations in the private sector nationwide. Experience in managing distribution channels, evaluation of management indicators BSC, risk analysis for the supply chain sourcing, budget control, expenses and cost management. Implementation of international agreements and coordination of workteams. Negotiation skills, critical reasoning, planning, decision making, organizational vision, strategic thinking, creativity and innovation.


Total Work Experience :

12 Year(s)

Experience as a freelancer :

1 Year(s)

Total Experience in Procurement :

10 Year(s)

Languages with Professional working proficiency level :

English - Spanish

Countries i can cover :

Belgium - Canada - Colombia - Germany - Denmark - Spain - Finland - France - United Kingdom - Italy - Netherlands - Norway - United States

Relevant Procurement Functional Skill/Categories
Advisory Services 12 year(s)
Procurement Digitilisation
Procurement Systems(eProcurement, ERPs, Data Warehouses,...)
Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing/Category Management 10 year(s)
Printed media
Merchandising furniture and accessories
General agreements and contracts
Mining and oil and gas services
Oil and gas exploration services
Well drilling and construction services
Oil and gas extraction and production enhancement services
Oil and gas restoration and reclamation services
Oil and gas data management and processing services
Plastic and chemical industries
Wood and paper industries
Metal and mineral industries
Machinery and transport equipment manufacture
Manufacture of electrical goods and precision instruments
Machining and processing services
Refuse disposal and treatment
Toxic and hazardous waste cleanup
Environmental management
Mail and cargo transport
Material packing and handling
Transport services
Transportation repair or maintenance services
Management advisory services
Human resources services
Legal services
Marketing and distribution
Business administration services
Professional engineering services
Accounting and bookkeeping services
Insurance and retirement services
Rope and chain and cable and wire and strap
Bearings and bushings and wheels and gears
Packings glands boots and covers
Adhesives and sealants
Pneumatic and hydraulic and electric control systems
Machine made parts
Fabricated pipe assemblies
Fabricated sheet assemblies
Fabricated tube assemblies
Fabricated plate assemblies
Sintered parts
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories
Automation control devices and components and accessories
Lamps and lightbulbs and lamp components
Lighting Fixtures and Accessories
Electrical equipment and components and supplies
Electrical wire management devices and accessories and supplies
Medical facility products
Respiratory and anesthesia and resuscitation products
Communications Devices and Accessories
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications
Computer Equipment and Accessories
Office machines and their supplies and accessories
Office and desk accessories
Office supplies
Industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment
  • Bachelor's Foreign Trade2004-01-01 to 2008-02-01

    Foreign Trade
    Jorge Tadeo Lozano University

  • Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics2013-07-01 to 2014-06-01

    Supply Chain
    Barcelona University

  • MBA2018-06-01 to 2019-06-01

    Business and Administration
    London School of Commerce

Past Experiences
  • Dynak Consulting SAS | Consulting

    2020-06-01 - Today

    Supply Chain Management consultant

    Design, implement and control supply chain strategics for all customers of the consultant company. • Management of purchases, suppliers and purchase plans. • Design and implementation of strategies for cost reduction and time efficiency. • Risk management, control and monitoring of the supply chain. • Design, structuring and evaluation of processes and logistics operations. • Inventory and warehouse management. • Design and structuring of transportation and distribution. • Evaluation and diagnosis of import and export processes. • Management of international agreements. • Purchasing and storage procedures. • Outsourcing/inhouse of purchasing management, national and international logistics of the company. • Outsourcing of achievement and closure of negotiations with national and international suppliers

  • Termoyopal Generacion 2 SAS ESP | Oil & Energy

    2019-01-01 To 2020-06-01

    Lead of Procurement, Logistics and project Administration

    Defining, controling and implementing negotiation strategies that guarantee the required services and resources availability for the power plant techonology update project, likewise, the international logistics, customs and national transportation and its budget for the new GE Turbines 150MW and BOP Equipment from Europe, India, Mexico and USA to site in Colombia.

  • Termotasajero SA ESP | Oil & Energy

    2015-11-01 To 2018-03-01

    Logistics Director

    Managing, overseeing, monitoring and providing resources and strategies to the logistics department integrated by procurement, warehouse, foreign trade and free trade zone, reducing to the minimum levels the lack of supplies and services required by maintenance and operation areas of the two coal power plant units 160MW, meeting the assigned budget and efficient response times.

  • Termoyopal Generacion 2 SAS ESP | Oil & Energy

    2011-10-01 To 2015-11-01

    Supply Chain Coordinator

    Plans and procedures developing and implementing to maximize the company procurement and logistics by improving the supply chain, foreign trade, inventory control, critical parts availability, material handling, providers negotiation and the sinergy with maintenance in order to meet their needs for power plant generation and LPG & NAPHTA production.

  • Draeger Colombia SA | Medical Devices

    2009-08-01 To 2011-10-01

    Customer Support Representative

    Executing the medical devices and supplies import process meeting the regulatory laws by hiring reliable and health specialized customs brokers, freight forwarders and warehouses, responsible for goods inventory and delivering to the final customer in compliance with the negotiated conditions maximizing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

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