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Sergey S.

IT Procurement specialist
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Industry: Information Technology and Services
  • Russia, Omskaya oblast', Omsk
  • Overview

    IT Procurement specialist with 8 years of experience in Software, Hardware, Telecommunications purchases worldwide


Total Work Experience :

10 Year(s)

Experience as a freelancer :

3 Year(s)

Total Experience in Procurement :

9 Year(s)

Languages with Professional working proficiency level :

English - Russian

Countries i can cover :

Austria - Australia - Bulgaria - Canada - Switzerland - Germany - United Kingdom - Malaysia - Poland - Romania - Russia - Singapore - Ukraine - United States

Relevant Procurement Functional Skill/Categories
Sourcing/Category Management 9 year(s)
Computer services
Software maintenance and support
Computer hardware rental or leasing services
Computer software licensing rental or leasing service
Computer software licensing service
Computer software rental or leasing service
Information Technology Service Delivery
Communications Devices and Accessories
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications
System boards processors interfaces or modules
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories
Call management systems or accessories
Fixed network equipment and components
Optical network devices
Telephony equipment
Content management software
Data management and query software
Development software
Network applications software
Network management software
Networking software
Operating environment software
Filesystem software
Network operation system software
Operating system software
Virtual machine software
Security and protection software
Utility and device driver software
Information exchange software
Electrical Equipment software
System management software
Enterprise system management software
    Past Experiences
    • Luxoft | Telecommunications

      2012-07-01 - Today

      Sr. Global Procurement manager

      Leading Software, Hardware and Telecom purchases worldwide

      Negotiations with suppliers globally for cost reductions (mostly Telecom, Network and IT equipment, Software and licenses)

      Significant cost reduction - total amount of savings is about 3 million USD for 5 years (52% - savings for Telecom services, 30% - saving for Software and licenses, 15% - savings for network and IT equipment, 3% - constriction works and others)

      Initialization and active participation in concluding global agreements with Dell, Cisco, Checkpoint, Microsoft, Orange

      Initialization of Telecom reorganization, IP addresses purchasing and transforming services for independency from telecom providers

      Active participation in creating and controlling global purchasing policy

      Strong interaction with financial projects, legal, tax departments, accountancy and finance team for reducing time for purchasing activities

      Analysis of alternatives and bidding procedures for purchasing

      Reviewing contract documentation

      Strong participation with building complex logistic for new automotive project (including custom clearance and international trade)

      Participation in budget planning

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