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Stanislov K.

Senior SC Professional (sourcing, procurement, analysis)
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Last activity Feb, 18, 2024 09:31 PM
Company: Self
Industry: Oil & Energy
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  • Russia, Moskva, Moscow

I am a highly experienced senior supply chain professional, specializing in procurement, sourcing, negotiating, logistics in the oil/gas, manufacturing and EPC market space. I have worked extensively with suppliers in Eastern Europe but like wise have experience with US, Canadian, western European, Chinese and Indian suppliers. I am also very experienced at greenfielding and reorganizing broken organizations and making them best in class.


Total Work Experience :

24 Year(s)

Experience as a freelancer :

3 Year(s)

Total Experience in Procurement :

16 Year(s)

Languages with Professional working proficiency level :

English - Russian

Countries i can cover :

Azerbaijan - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Germany - Georgia - Kazakhstan - Russia - United States

Relevant Procurement Functional Skill/Categories
Advisory Services 10 year(s)
Process/Organisational redesign
Procurement Digitilisation
Procurement Systems(eProcurement, ERPs, Data Warehouses,...)
Strategic Sourcing

Supplier Development Engineering (SDE)/Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) 6 year(s)
Mining and oil and gas services
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
Transportation and Storage and Mail Services
Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies
Manufacturing Components and Supplies

Supplier Development Engineering (SDE)/Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) 8 year(s)
Steel open die machined forgings

Sourcing/Category Management 11 year(s)
Mining and oil and gas services
Transportation and Storage and Mail Services
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services
National Defense and Public Order and Security and Safety Services
Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies
Manufacturing Components and Supplies
Ferrous alloy closed die machined forgings
Electronic Components and Supplies
Service Industry Machinery and Equipment and Supplies
  • BA1990-08-01 to 1995-05-01

    Business Management (Minor in Economics)
    North Carolina State University

  • BS1998-08-01 to 2001-12-01

    Computer Science
    North Carolina State University

  • MBA2003-08-01 to 2005-12-01

    Supply Chain
    North Carolina State University

Other certifications :Communication for Business Results, SpeakEasy, Atlanta, USA, January 2013 Advanced Negotiations Skills Training, Negotiations Lab, Moscow, November 2012 Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Cameron International, Amsterdam, October 2011 Cameron Metallurgical Course, Cameron International, Houston, Fall 2008 Halliburton Interviewing Course, Halliburton, Houston, 2006 Halliburton Greenbelt Training & Qualification, Halliburton, Houston, 2006 Project Management Course Work, Skillsoft, 2003 US Army Instructor School, US Army 2002 US Army Logistics & Transportation School, US Army 1997 US Army Officer Basic School, US Army 1995
Past Experiences
  • RLG International | Consulting

    2019-05-01 - Today

    Project Manager/Coach/Consultant

    Working with clients to improve leadership, information flow, internal structures, meeting quality, contract negotiations, task management, work planning, productivity improvement.

  • Alexander Proudfoot | Consulting

    2018-11-01 To 2019-05-01


    Part of a team of consultants working with Kazzinc to improve mine performance at all levels. Working with the maintenance and logistics segments to improve work flow, tracking, job completion rates, work culture.

  • Technimont Ryssia | Construction

    2016-08-01 To 2018-06-01

    Project Procurement Manager

    Responsible for the sourcing, tendering, negotiations, inspections and expediting of the materials and services needed in an EP of an EPC role. Aug 2016-July 2017 worked on a $0.5 billion project to expand the Moscow Petroleum Refinery. Developed the procurement side of EPC tenders for upcoming Eurasian projects. From July 2017 to present managing the Russian onshore procurement for the $6 billion support infrastructure portion of Gazprom’s Amyrsk Gas Processing Plant.

  • OPKO | Consulting

    2015-09-01 To 2018-01-01

    Partner, Director Operations

    Small consultancy specializing in helping foreign companies establish a presence in Russia. Managed everything from market analysis, to legal paperwork, supply chain development, etc. Consulting.

  • Check-6 | Consulting

    2014-11-01 To 2015-11-01


    1099 Consultant. Utilizing skills from my military career in operational military leadership, risk management, training operations and teamwork by coaching and consulting for the Oil and Gas industry. Leadership, training and instructional expertise in process improvement and operational efficiency, communications, safety and leadership on the rig sites. Coached the roughnecks, supervisors, contractors and managers of a land and marine rotary drilling rig as well as production facilities, on the aspects of human performance. Assisted in the development of standard work process and practices that are inherently safe, reliable, and repeatable. Consulted and coached managers on leadership and teambuilding. Worked on Orlan, Yastreb, Chyavo, and DeKestri. Completed a side project: tender for local suppliers of clothing and other logoed goods.

  • Halliburton International | Oil & Energy

    2012-03-01 To 2014-07-01

    Eurasian Regional Director of Supply Chain

    In charge of the PML (Procurement & Materials & Logistics) department for Halliburton Russia (to include Sakhalin), Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. 136 employees (11 managers, 30 buyers, 8 contracts and 87 warehouse/materials personnel), over $450 million in spend and $115 million in inventory. Sixteen locations(offices and warehouses) in Russia, including Moscow, Nizhni Vartovsk, and Sakhalin; 5 locations in Kazakhstan, Baku in Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Turkmenistan. Departments conduct a complicated, anti-corruption tendering process, working with local and international suppliers in support of exploration, drilling, cementing, fracking and other services. RESULTS: -- Reorganized the local Sourcing Team into a Regional Strategic Sourcing team resulting in $13.5 million in savings in 2 years while freezing price increases across most categories. -- Reorganized and streamlined procurement and materials in Eurasia for increased efficiency and headcount control. Terminated unproductive employees, increased pay and promoted performers to increase moral in a high turnover prone department. Turn over dropped from 40% in 2011 to 8% in 2012 (not counting terminated employees) --Filled in long vacant key positions with professionals --Forced mass renegotiation in payment terms with network of 2600 suppliers, resulting in $500k in savings just off of better payment terms. -- Increased DPO from 16 days to 25 days. -- Implemented strict controls for COBC and contract controls -- Implemented training programs for employees, including negotiations training for buyers -- Implemented proactive interfaces with the operations divisions -- Reorganized and centralized a scattered and shortage prone PPE distribution program -- Initiated active supplier auditing by a reformed regional sourcing team -- Personally led key supplier negotiations covering various key areas, resulting in additional savings and improved lead times and payment terms.

  • Cameron International | Oil & Energy

    2010-07-01 To 2012-03-01

    Head of Russia Sourcing Office

    Greenfielded an office in Yekaterinburg Russia for the purpose of identifying, establishing and managing low cost suppliers for Cameron International. RESULTS: -- Hired and managed a team of specialists. -- Worked to find and establish Cameron infrastructure and investments. Increased Cameron spend in Russia from $3 million to over $31 million annually. -- Represented all Cameron divisions and worked with business development to create a localized supplier base as desired by the local clients (Gazprom, Lukoil, etc)

  • Cameron International | Oil & Energy

    2007-10-01 To 2010-07-01

    Global Supply Chain Manager

    Responsible for designing and overseeing the implementation of the sourcing strategy for $36 million in GV body and bonnet spend, as well as $2 million in flange spend in 10 international manufacturing plants. RESULTS: -- Delivered a first year savings of over $3.5 million in GV body spend and $1 million in flange spend. -- Shortened a the quantity of suppliers to a strategic set, setting them up to be in constant competition. Nullified specialty niche suppliers. -- Responsible for Cameron’s development of a Russian and Eastern European LCC supplier base. -- Established 6 new Russian suppliers, 1 Kazakhstani supplier and 2 Romanian suppliers for a localized supplier base.. Each setup is a one year process. -- Extensive contacts in Russian and Ukrainian steel industry, as well as contacts with Federal government ministries. -- Managed two Russian contractors.

  • Daniel Systems | Oil & Energy

    2007-01-01 To 2007-09-01

    Commodity Manager

    Developing and implementing strategies to ensure a best price steady supply of flanges and pipe. Responsible for Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) and performance improvement plans with suppliers. Further experience in sourcing circuit boards and aluminum castings. Two direct reports.

  • Halliburton International | Oil & Energy

    2006-01-01 To 2006-12-01

    Project Manager

    Strategic Sourcing – 7 Step Strategic Sourcing Model. Project covered everything from market & customer needs analysis to contract negotiations. RESULTS: -- Project opened $600,000 in savings. -- Lean6Sigma Process Improvement – (Green Belt) Ran 2 Lean projects that opened $510,000 in savings. Utilized TCO.

  • Halliburton International/North Carolina State University | Oil & Energy

    2005-08-01 To 2005-12-01

    Consultant -- graduate student

    Redesigned Halliburton IT’s laptop replacement process. Introduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • various software companies | Computer Software

    2003-02-01 To 2005-11-01

    Software Engineer

    Various short term contracts with software development firms.

  • US Army | Military

    1995-05-01 To 2004-07-01

    Officer, US Army. Final rank: Captain

    US Army, Captain: Military Advisor to the UN Mission to Georgia (July 2002 – Feb 2003) Coordinated military projects, patrols and contacts and contracts between the UN military mission, the governments of Georgia, and Abkhazia. Monthly meetings and information exchanges with the embassies/defense attaches of the US, Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, UK, Sweden and Greece. US Army, Captain: Emergency Deployment Project Team Manager (Logistics/Strategic Sourcing) (Oct 2001 – June 2002) Planned, supervised and executed a $50 million logistics project involving 400 soldiers and $200 million of equipment. Sourced air, sea and ground transport and life support for personnel involved. -- Project coordination involved work with over a dozen military, federal and state government agencies. -- Directly managed 3 senior personnel, indirect reports 12 state and federal agencies US Army, Sr. Lieutenant: Brigade Director of Transportation Planning & Execution (Logistics & Strategic Sourcing) (Nov 1996 – July 1998) Managed, coordinated and executed all transportation and logistical aspects of the major deployment of 3,500 personnel and $450 million worth of equipment into Bosnia and back to various bases in Germany and the U.S. The project included coordination with governments of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia. -- Sourced rail, air, road and river barge transportation. -- Planed, organized and controlled the successful, no incident, move of the brigade to and from Bosnia Special Projects Officer (Logistics & Strategic Sourcing) Organized a large military exercise, in Bosnia, between elements of US, Russian and British forces for Bosnian governmental officials and international media in a remote location. Project length was 3 weeks from inception to accomplishment with a $5 million budget. -- Sourced transportation, camp construction and logistical support

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