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Tony Y.

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Last activity Aug, 10, 2020 04:14 PM
Company: PFL
Industry: Business Supplies and Equipment
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg, chk
  • Overview

    I provide global procurement service to business since 2006; our cross industries experience are categorized in hospitality, building material, furniture, student housing, senior living, consumer goods, medical furniture, farming equipment, humanitarian supply.


Total Years of Experience :

19 Year(s) Old

Total Years of Experience as a freelancer :

8 Year(s) Old

Total Years of Experience in Procurement :

16 Year(s) Old

Languages you speak with Professional working proficiency level :

Chinese - Dutch - English - French - German - Italian - Japanese - Persian - Spanish

Countries you can cover :

United Arab Emirates - Afghanistan - Albania - Argentina - Australia - Azerbaijan - Bangladesh - Belarus - China - France - United Kingdom - Hungary - Indonesia - Israel - India - Kenya - Morocco - Niger - Nigeria - Pakistan - Portugal - Russia - Singapore - Tunisia - Vietnam

Relevant Procurement Functional Skill/Categories
  • Quality Audit/Assurance 4 year(s)
    • Blood culture bottles (Medium)
    • Roller bottles (Medium)
    • Medicine feeding cups or bottles or accessories (Medium)
    • Feeding bottles or accessories (Medium)

  • Sourcing/Category Management 9 year(s)
    • Material packing and handling (High)
    • Transportation repair or maintenance services (High)
    • Waveguide and connection kit (High)

  • Quality Audit/Assurance 14 year(s)
    • Pure iron powder high temperature sintered filter (Very high)
    • Through panel control connection system (Very high)
    • Commercial use pasta cookers (Very high)
    • Fresh prepared potatoes or rice or pasta or stuffing (Very high)
    • Fresh plain pasta or noodles (Very high)
    • Organic satsuma mandarin orange purees (Very high)
    • Frozen bottle gourd (Very high)
    • Detroit 2 dark red beet purees (Very high)
    • Bottle gourd purees (Very high)

  • Quality Control 9 year(s)
    • Lifeguard services for pool or beach (High)
    • Iron tube assembly (High)
    • Ring binder (High)
  • MBA1995-04-01 to 1998-07-01

    IMI international hotel management 2001-09-01 2003-06-01

Past Experiences
  • APXM | Capital Markets

    2001-04-01 To 2008-11-01


     Reported to the VP Enterprise and Corporate Services in the legal department  Managed six direct reports using a consensus-based management style – ongoing coaching of the team to achieve high performance – our team was acknowledged as one of the highest performing teams in the legal department  As the prime legal owner for technology, outsourcing and procurement matters with a value of $5B+ annually, as well as intellectual property asset management, our team negotiated and drafted outsourcing, cloud and online services, wireless communications, hardware purchase and support, software licensing and support, content distribution, handset device, intellectual property rights, and general commercial agreements, all while providing quick reviews and appropriate risk assessment for each file  Team recognised as a centre of excellence. Legal department members sought our advice on negotiation and contract matters  Reviewed and assessed agreements for, and collaborated with subject matter experts on privacy, information security, insurance, audit, and tax issues, ensuring that the company was protected from related risks

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