Need an expert to structure our bills of materials and purchasing data

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This project is open only to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents.

We have two main subsystems - radar electronics and antennas (which we acquired through acquisition). Both subsystems have approved vendors and parts lists that were developed by their respective engineers. Both include both COTS purchased parts and assemblies as well as special order items (fabricated metal items for antennas and electronic assemblies). 

Our role is primarily final assembly and test with fabrication and custom boards outsourced. The BOM and Vendor lists are in a combination of MS Excel files and MS WORD documents and VISIO drawings. Part and document numbers are incomplete for antennas. 

We have no production part numbers (only engineering and vendor part numbers). We will be implementing an ERP system later in the year. We need to develop a coherent and consistent part numbering scheme and combine our our existing data into a common format that will 

   a) provide the basis of control for scaling up our purchase in anticipation of major orders coming in and 

   b) be structured for migration into the ERP implementation later in the year and 

   c) minimize distracting our limited resources who are highly committed on a current project with tight deadlines.

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