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Let me introduce myself quickly first. I am Teun and I live in Utrecht the Netherlands. Recently I got the idea to import a food supplement called “d-mannose”. This is a type of sugar which is effective against a UTI when 1,5-3 grams are taken daily. At this moment I am looking at sourcing companies who can help me with this and so I stumbled upon

Below I have included where I am at this point in time and what services I would like to receive:

1. General. On the B2B market d-mannose is mostly sold as a powder. I want to import D-mannose in small resealable plastic bags of 200 grams under private label. Each bag should contain a small scoop.

2. Price and quantity. The price is very important. D-mannose is solely a substance, there is not a whole lot with which I can differentiate myself other than a lower price. Therefore I must find a balance between the quantity and the price. At this moment I am thinking of 40-50 kg total. However, when it becomes clear that the price per kg will drop dramatically when for example 60-70 kg is ordered then I will consider the higher quantity as well. So far the cheapest suppliers can provide d-mannose for $20-40 per kilo FOB.

3. Samples. Before I will order the larger quantity, I want to obtain a sample and test it on contaminations in the Netherlands.

4. Quality / contaminations. Regarding the quality of the product there are two tests which will be certainly performed, namely a test on metals (cadmium (max 3 mg/kg), mercury (max 0,1 mg/kg), lead (max 3 mg/kg)) and the PAH's 4 test (the sum of chrysene, Benzo[a]pyrene, Benz[a]anthracene and benzo(b)fluoranthene can be max 50 μg/kg of which Benzo[a]pyrene can be max 10 μg/kg). The metals test is usually something that Chinese suppliers provide, however, the PAH's 4 test probably not. That is one of the reasons why I want a sample to be tested in the Netherlands.

5. Inspection up front and shipment. For the final shipment I would like to receive help with the shipping process. Preferably I would like to use door-to-door shipping (DDP incoterms) and have the shipment inspected by you or another third party in China as well. Such an inspection should include inspecting the shipment on proper packaging, providing some pictures and weighing the total.

6. Payment terms. For the final shipment a 30% deposit up front and 70% payment after shipment seems appropriate. For the sample shipment of course 100% up front is fine. Before the sample shipment is made I wish to agree on the payment terms for the final shipment as well.

7. Process. When a supplier is selected for the sample shipment it is of course my intention to proceed with the final shipment as well. The regulations in the Netherlands are strict and for example an HACCP protocol has to be created. In order to make sure I will comply with all the regulations I will hire a 'food consultant' in the Netherlands. It is certain that this food consultant will have to ask questions about the manufacturing process etc. Therefore, when a supplier is selected for the sample shipment I want to be allowed to ask questions about the manufacturing process. It is perfectly fine that these questions will run via you.

Hopefully anybody here on can assist me!

Best regards,


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