Glass jars, glass pill bottles, packaging, glass products

Job description

We are looking for a sourcing company which can help us to find a manufacturer/wholesaler in the EU for these products see attached documents please.

It's very important for us that the manufacturer or wholesaler is from the EU. We bought jars and bottles from China which is ok but the shipping is taking too long and by air it's too expensive because of the weight.

Volume 2022

Amber Jars - 250 ml or upto 270 ml - 5.000 pieces

Amber pill bottle 75 ml - 2.500 pieces

Amber pill bottle - 120 ml - 2.500 pieces

Prices per piece

Amber Jars - 250 ml or upto 270 ml - up to 1.2 dollars

Amber pill bottle 75 ml - up to 0.7 dollars

Amber pill bottle - 120 ml - up to 1 dollar 

About the client

Czechia, Praha, Hlavní mešto
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