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Let me introduce myself quickly first. I am Teun and I live in Utrecht the Netherlands. Recently I got the idea to import a food supplement called “d-mannose”. This is a type of sugar which is effective against a UTI when 1,5-3 grams are taken daily. At this moment I am looking at sourcing companies who can help me with this and so I stumbled upon Procurementfreelancers.com

Below I have included where I am at this point in time and what services I would like to receive:

1. General. On the B2B market d-mannose is mostly sold as a powder. I want to import D-mannose in capsules of between 500-1000mg or in small plastic bags of around 100 grams. In both cases I would like to import under private label. Depending on the premium that is paid to put the d-mannose in capsules I can make a decision regarding capsules versus small plastic bags. Via Alibaba I already saw that some suppliers supply D-mannose under private label in capsules. However, the premium to choose one company for this seems high. The cheapest suppliers can provide d-mannose for $20-40 per kilo FOB. However, when provided under private label and as capsules the price was between $100-150 per kilo. Regarding d-mannose in capsules I therefore think it is the best choice to use one company for the d-mannose and another one for putting the d-mannose in capsules and private label jars.

2. Price and quantity. The price is very important. D-mannose is solely a substance, there is nothing with which I can differentiate myself other than a lower price. Therefore I must find a balance between the quantity and the price. At this moment I am thinking of 40-50 kg total. However, when it becomes clear that the price per kg will drop dramatically when for example 60-70 kg is ordered then I will consider the higher quantity as well.

3. Samples. Before I will order the larger quantity, I want to test samples on contaminations. For the final shipment this must probably take place in the EU / The Netherlands. However, for the sample this can also be performed in China. I am also looking for support in this regard.

4. Inspection up front and shipment. For the final shipment I would like to receive help with the shipping process. Preferably I would like to use door-to-door shipping and have the shipment inspected by a third party in China as well.

I am aware that this is a rather broad request. Hopefully anybody here on Procurementfreelancers.com can assist me!

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