Sourcing Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Patch Form

You will find a manufacturer that is able to make translucent adhesive patches which have wells that are filled with ingredients then applied to the human skin.

The patch will be white label and have our logo and branding.

The manufacturer must be in France, Canada, United States, Korea, or Japan. The manufacturer cannot be in India, Vietnam, or China.

The following skills are required

-previous experience

-expertise in manufacturing, sourcing, procurement, negotiating

-fluency in English

In order to successfully complete the project you must supply the following

1)You will find at least two manufacturers who are able to provide the patch and ingredients

2)You will find the minimum order quantity

3)You will provide the name, email address, website, and contact person’s name

4)You will arrange for the patches to be shipped to the United States

Of note the following do not constitute grounds for completion

1) Searching online and providing a list of email addresses and websites that do not have the patch or the ingredients

2) Only finding some of the ingredients

3) Putting in a lot of effort

4) Calling and emailing places

It is preferred that the lab has ISO and or CE certification. It does NOT have to be a FDA facility.

Please note this is not a request for any illegal narcotics, opioids or controlled and regulated substances.

Please see the PDF for exact specifications

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