I need some electronics from USA. My clients need Some mobile phones and they need these items twice a month.

Functional Skill:

I'm the founder of a start up looking for a manufacturer in China to cast several parts for a product I have patented.  I have down selected two companies but would like help from someone who has purchasing experience with metals manufacturing (casting and CNC machining) and someone who speaks Chinese.   One company is in Qingdao and the other in Dongguan.  

My biggest goal is to select a vendor who is honest and who I can trust to build the parts quickly and correctly.  I've talked with over 10 manufactures and know that my parts are complex and difficult to make.  

Looking for a native Chinese resident who can visit these manufactures to help with quality, language barriers, and contract discussions.   

I am looking for Sourcing specialist to source jewelry manufacturers in China, professional and serious suppliers who can make quality jewellery models at a lower cost.

Functional Skill:

We need a person for 50% of his time during a 1 year period in the shanghai area to supervise the production of steel structures at the supplier's factory. important if possible for this person to be NACE certified . Project will strat in Q4 2020

Functional Skill:

Seeking a challenging position in a high-quality engineering environment

where my solid mixture of academic and managerial skills will add value

to organizational operation to benefit mutual growth and success that

encourages innovative thinking, recognition and career development. For

me, customer interaction, achieving optimum utilization of organizational

resources and maximum profits are imperative indeed.

Functional Skill:

We need an inspector to conduct a Cargo Loading supervision for Bed Sheets, Pillows, Duvets for example.


We need to arrive to the factory/Warehouse do a carton count per product, take around 30 pictures per product/model including apperance, labels and packing PLUS recording the loading of a shipping container.

We will need pictures of all sides of the container, pictures of the loading process and equipment and closing of the container

This is not a quality inspection, it is juts for register the actual products since we will use the report for customs purposes in Mexico, so we need plenty of pictures of the actual products in order to confirm correct HS code in Mexico.

Example below, this example is for textile rolls , so the example is just for the freelancer to have a reference of the structure of what is needed


Time: 1 man/Day


I require someone to source cosmetic packaging and labels for a natural skin care brand. Negation tools required to source 2 types of packaging and labelling options.

Hi I m looking for swimwear lining and components to make my samples at the moment and once that's completed i will be able to make a bigger order.

Hi I m looking for swimwear lining and components to make my samples at the moment and once that's completed i will be able to make a bigger order.

These are the items I need (colour: white):

Swimwear lining (100% polyester)

Powermesh (preferably 84% polyamide/22% elastane)

Inside swim trimming (this will be attached to the powermesh inside the swimsuit)

Elastic Rubber band (pic attached for ref which will be for the bikini bottom)

The powermesh is for the inside of the swimsuit to give support and lift to for the bust - its a fuller bust line (attached pic with black powermesh and trimming for reference).

We need help to source a US-based manufacturer who has capacity to contract manufacture, for us, our own formulated hand sanitizer.