Origami Paddler recently completed a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. We have orders for 13,000+ products, and expect to be in product in Jan. We need some support sourcing seats, paddles, and accessories. 

I've started my E-commerce project, so I'm looking to source from suppliers that can help me to improve my project. As a beginner, I started with buying accesoirices, now I wanna buy shoes and winter clothes, house dressing... 

We are Contract Manufacturer of Machined Part from India. we manufacture componentsas per customer drawingsand specifications. we are looking candidates for post of marketing and Business Coordinate for US ans Europe Market.

Candidates should have idea abt machined components.

We are looking to source drinking water parts like ball valves, fittings, etc.

Itacare is a global logistics advisory firm providing services in the energy, and industrial sectors for clients throughout the world seeking experts in the field.

We are currently searching for experienced professionals to consider as candidates for a series of tasks related to our logistical operations in Europe.


- sourcing products

- research and physical checks of relevant suppliers and factories

- providing quotes

- arranging shipping

- handling customs needs

- representing company

Due to the growing need for experts in logistics between the European and Chinese Markets, we require candidates with the following expertise and capable of meeting our requirements:

- FLUENT Mandarin/Cantonese speaker

- capability to travel freely in both Europe and China

- part-time availability

- experience and background in the tasks related above

Relevant candidates shall submit their resume.

“Wisteria"- leading logistics project management and consulting company based in the Czech Republic.

With a wide range of clients within Europe and overseas, Wisteria offers a broad variety of professional services including the management of small-scale to complex projects, and logistics, purchasing and organizational development services.

Following the renewal of several projects with China , we are looking for a logistics manager to assist in the transfer of shipments from China to Europe.

Candidates for the job should be experienced in procurement and logistics, and available beginning in the coming weeks. Preference will go to candidates with experience in handling China oriented logistics projects, though it is not necessary to apply.

More information will be provided to candidates after receiving their message of interest.

For European based candidates:

Our research team is working on a multi-national effort on advanced research platforms that will help scientists better understand unique problems facing the environment. We recently received tiered grants securing funding for the next five years and will need to create a team of procurement assistants throughout Europe which we may work with directly or through our research partners.

At this stage we are building prototypes and have a requirement for several orders of unique electronic components. We are currently accpeting candidates to assist us in the procurement of several of our and our partners' project requirements for the immediate and long term.

All relevant candidates will be considered throughout Europe in the countries noted in this post . We require procurement related tasks including:

- Finding the equipment

- negotiating pricing

- providing quotes

- arranging the order and shipment

- assisting with logistical arrangements

For a Forbes 500 client situated in The Netherlands we're searching for experienced installation subcontractors that are specialized in installing elevators.

Terms & conditions;

-workers are permitted to work in The Netherlands

-workers are in possession of certificates (VCA, NEN3140, Safely Approaching Elevators)

-workers are experienced in safely installing elevators

-workers need to speak English (must)

-workers need to stay for a long period of time in The Netherlands, large workload

We have a set of Casting Stainless Steel items that we need to SOURCE - preferably from an established Supplier in INDIA or PHILLIPPINES. These products will have to be Sourced - from negotiations to First Article - and subsequent deliveries. 

I am looking for a focal person - who is highly self driven, have good network of known casting houses or atleast find and qualify among a few provided references, manage the tooling set up and assist on a Project Basis and deliver results.


Nanda Kishore 

This Project is part of the Digital Transformation within Rigids and Plastic Procurement team. There are ambitious plans for this Project split into various phases. The first phase is about price automation from all suppliers across all clusters. The objective of Phase 1 is : a) to reduce process from current 21 days to 3 days once implemented. b) Provide price transparency . The resource would be largely responsible in mapping of data and should have expert understanding of excel and playing around complex data. Please see a description of the role 1. Ability to work around with large data files and strong in Microsoft Excel functions (e.g. Vlookup, Index Match functions) 2. High attention to detail including suggesting solutions as the situation may demand 3. Ability to manage tight deadlines 4. Comfortable with working with various stakeholders globally including suppliers 5. Experience in data cleaning and harmonization This is the first of the big initiatives within Procurement and is part of the MVPs which has been shared with the team during the Digital Webinar

The initial period of the Project is 3 months