Sourcing Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Patch Form

  • France, Japan, United States,
  • Estimated project duration: Not Specified
You will find a manufacturer that is able to make translucent adhesive patches which have wells that are filled with ingredients then applied to the human skin.The patch will be white label and hav...

Procurement for Cosmetics in France

  • France, Paris
  • Estimated project duration:
We look for support in sourcing natural skin care products for babies. We look for local production (so France) and as a first step local distribution (so France). Deliverable: List of possible sup...

Cosmetic packaging and labelling

  • China, United Kingdom,
  • Estimated project duration:
I require someone to source cosmetic packaging and labels for a natural skin care brand. Negation tools required to source 2 types of packaging and labelling options.