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Luis felipe

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Global Sourcing Manager


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do you have experience in a specific niche and want to work with a client of that niche? In our platform you can find those clients who are in the market looking for the specific services that you provide.If you are tired of not getting good opportunities to improve your procurement career,our platform offers you a great opportunity to connect with small, medium and big businessesfrom across the globe.

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One-stop destination for procurement freelancers and businesses

We are aware of what it takes to create a team and so assist you in the process. The freelance procurement experts looking for well-paying jobs can contact us. We will surely help you out.

Connected with a pool of world-class procurement subcontractors for hire, we provide the best pool to your organization to navigate the market and finally make the best-fit recruiting decision. Irrespective of your industry, we can pair you with the resources you need.

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Create a freelancer account, submit quotes and look for procurement consultant jobs suiting your qualifications and abilities. If a potential employer likes your profile and wants to hire procurement agents, you might either be communicated by the client, or you may share a proposal with them to share prices, products or services, delivery periods and other conditions.

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Product Sourcing

Grow your Business with Procurement Agent Services, browse our directory and and select resources from Asia, UK, USA Australia...Europe or Africa for any sourcing project

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Product Inspection

Inspecting your product before loading is an effective way to prevent qualityissues and supply chain disruptions. Hiring a quality control freelancerreduces your costs and reassures you

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Supplier Development

Get the best blend of procurement expertise to drive your growth,and ensure that your suppliers offer more competitive prices, service levels and options for your business.

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Procurement Advisory Services

Grow your Business with Procurement Agent Services, browse our directory and and select resources from Asia, UK, USA Australia...Europe or Africa for any sourcing project

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Human Resources

We are the largest global network of top candidates in sourcing,supply chain, quality control, sourcing, sourcing editor,textile design, and more... in various industries and product categories

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More Options for Vendor Choice

As a business, at our platform, you have a greater choice to find and hire a sourcing and procurement consultant.The price transparency that you will get at our platform makes you aware of different supplier options.This creates a high level of competition among the procurement agents.Such competition helps businesses to leverage their scale advantages to get the best deal from a purchasing consultant.

1. Consolidating the Vendors

Our platform gives businesses the opportunity to consolidate their vendors.This will help to increase their competitiveness in terms of unit prices.It will also help to improve your knowledge regarding the market and the suppliers available.Such knowledge is essential to making a more informed choice on what to buy, where to buy and at what price to buy.

2. A Faster and Cheaper Delivery

Our platform provides businesses with a faster throughput time due to our sophisticated IT and logistic capabilities.The scale of procurement consultant management firms ensures that the business also gets highly competitive shipping rates.

3. Savings

Companies, depending upon their industry vertical, spend on an average 15 to 30% of their revenue on indirect spending. Our platform offers you a high saving rate, especially for those businesses that have a very high ratio of indirect spending to their total spending.

Those businesses whose internal resource for procurement is limited or fragmented will find our platform a great place, wherein they will get everything related to their procurement needs under one roof.

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4. Integrating Into the Source-To-Pay Process

For big businesses, the ability of the marketplace to plug into their complete source-to-pay or S2P processis highly desirable. By integrating with third-party marketplace systems, companies can automate, simplify and digitise their sourcing.

Such integration helps the companies to automatically issue purchase orders atthe right quantity and at the best price available. It helps greatly in simplifyingnegotiation and in procurement contract management. Such a system streamlines accounting,tracking, reporting and control of the entire process from a centralised point.

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Important Characteristics of a Procurement Agent

Asuccessful procurement agent has some basic characteristics.You can find these inherent characteristics of our procurement agents who can offeryou the best deal and at best price. These characteristics include the following:

- They have superior negotiating skills.

- They are detail-oriented yet have an eye for the big picture.

- The agents are great communicators.

- The purchasing agents are fiscally responsible.

- They are adept at using the latest technologies.

Deep expertise and fresh thinking

Do you need to optimize sourcing and procurement?

Employing a talented procurement or supply chain consultant is critical to succeed in business and remain profitable and competitive. Procurement Freelancers Network provides you with unmatched access to talented procurement or supply chain consultant,with proven expertise of more than 20 years of professional experience within largecompanies of the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises

Procurement Consultants

With deep expertise in purchasing, our experts will guide you to a new operating model, perform an in-depth analysis of your organization’s key requirements and recommend suitable courses of action

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Sourcing Agents

Our pool brings manufacturers closer to you, because we cover all geographic areas.Thanks to local agents experienced in product sourcing, save more time to find theright suppliers you need for your stores or your new project.

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We make the impossible happen in a wink to get matched to the qualified sellers or procurement agent you need to get your project done!

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