About Us 

We are a startup building a product which reduces the time and cost for Small Medium and Large organization to hire the best procurement talent possible for their projects. We are looking forward to transforming the purchasing industry. Unlike other freelancers marketplaces that are generalists in nature, Procurementfreelancers.com is exclusively geared towards the specific needs of procurement departments enabling them to find and hire procurement freelancers whose category, functional expertise and geographic coverage perfectly matches their project requirements.

Our Vision

We are focusing on the industry we know the best and that is the Procurement & Supply chain. We aim to narrow the gap between companies and procurement professionals of all kinds while making sure that both sides receive the best of what e-procurement has to offer. PFL marketplace eliminates common procurement errors and setbacks that cost companies more than required and still fail to deliver expected results. Through our platform, companies can securely share confidential strategic procurement information without having to worry about leaks.

Our Freelancers

In a world where companies are rapidly adopting e-procurement, procurementfreelancers.com provide a reliable place that supports this process. Small, Medium and Large Businesses customers can choose the talent they will collaborate with while managing their candidates, contracts, and payments in one place. All our Freelancers in procurement are pre-approved by industry experts and thoroughly scrutinized by our resource team and by your peers through a strategic process based on the experiences verification, the interview or/and recommendations before being accepted in PFL as a seller. You no longer have to keep track of piles of paperwork or waste time and money conducting interviews looking for specific talents and qualifications. Freelancers can now work with medium and larger groups in a transparent and humane way.