looking for a buyer with experience in sourcing categories that are used in the mining or oil & gaz industry (pumps, gaskets, bearings,.....) to carry key sourcing activities in Thailand and Vietnam to include:

- identification of potential suppliers

- running RFI-RFQ process

- analysing supplier response and shortlisting most attractive suppliers 

- auditing suppliers 


we are looking for sourcing experts in south east asian countries that have experience in:

- identifying suppliers leveraging local databases

- running RFI-RFQ process

ideally the candidates would have experience in sourcing BBQ components such as:

 a. Cast Iron – cook grates / griddles

b. Wire parts – Stainless steel cook grates / parts, Painted cold-rolled steel triangular grates, Plated cold-rolled steel cook grates / warming rack / parts.

c. Thermometer – electronic probe type thermometer, and mechanical gauge type thermometers.

d. Thermometer probe - for measuring temperature with electronic thermometers.

e. Stamped and fabricated metal parts – parts from an existing grill.

We are looking to immediately source 2m, genuine 3M 1860 Masks for a medical supply company.

We have premium (alcohol-based and non-alcohol based) hand sanitizers that we wish to sell in UAE.  We undertsand it is better to have a local distribution partner/manufacturer.   We need help finding that partner. 

I am starting my Dropshipping Business.I sell via Shopify using Facebook ads, tik tok and snapchat. Can i send you my website and can you source my products and give me prices and lead times. I have found them all on ali express however i understand a sourcing agent can achieve better price and lead time for shipment

Can you also arrange packaging?

Also can you integrate an app into my Shopify so you can fullfill the orders Or do i have to send you a list daily?

Thank you

My number is +[XHide-Personal-DetailsX]

You can contact me on whatsapp

Functional Skill:

We are urgently looking for a procurement specialist for a quality control and review of a proposal in the information technology sector. The proposal is in french and has to comply with world bank best practices.

I've started my E-commerce project, so I'm looking to source from suppliers that can help me to improve my project. As a beginner, I started with buying accesoirices, now I wanna buy shoes and winter clothes, house dressing... 

Main expected results

• Establishment of a negotiated and signed contract with a large editor / integrator for

the implementation of a global ERP program (deadline 3 months)

• Successful implementation of the program in terms of time and cost thanks to regular monitoring throughout

along the contractual phases (design, pilot, deployment)

• Transparency and acceptance of the program through continuous communication and

the involvement of the main stakeholders concerned

Main mission and responsibilities

- co-leadership of global ERP program at the group level (One core)

- definition of the contract negotiation strategy, conducting and coordinating negotiations with the existing supplier

- effective cooperation with program sponsor (Group CIO) and other parties involved

- program scope optimization / TCO approach

- co-leadership of program pilot

- program progress measurement, definition of corrective actions if needed, reporting on the management board level, keeping effective communication between all parties involved

To supply you with the relevant artwork and examples of the fridge magnets I need and have you source the best price.

I am interested in a person that would have knowledge about the end to end sourcing process and that could use our systems to analysis data and process it for minimum 6 to 9 months full time.

Key Responsibilities:

Duties would depend on the project but could include:

- Analysis of data

- Input information in the Purchasing Systems

- Follow up with internal and external windows (Buyers and Suppliers)

- Creation of Reports (provide data extracts with accuracy & clarity)

- Provide basic support to users

Please send me a commercial proposal indicating what your monthly rate would be for such a long engagement.