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The job market is evolving, with millions of businesses witnessing a seismic shift from traditional process of employment to hiring freelancers.Skilled freelance talent helps businesses solve complex problems, get the task done effectively, and complete projects much faster.At Procurement Freelancer, we enable global sourcing agencies and recruitment agencies and global sourcing companies to hire freelancers skilled to perform drop shipping services.

Similarly, for wholesale buyers, convenience and efficiency matter to propagate a hassle-free shipping and ordering process.Drop shipping agents act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers.By accepting orders on behalf of the clients, they process payments and place the order with the supplier to be shipped to customers directly.We welcome recruiting agencies to access many drop shippers skilled to take care of shipping procedure for businesses around.


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Reasons To Hire Drop Shippers

1. Increase Customers

Wholesale customers can display the products in their store while marketing them directly to the line of customers. This will enable online business owners to expand the market andreach out to more customers.

2. Save Time, Effort and Money

Working with wholesale customers with a solid base of customers significantly helps.The merchants display the products in an online store and send an invoice once its purchased.Once the orders are confirmed, the products are shipped from the warehouse to the customer's doorstep. This saves time as wholesale merchants no longer need to purchase stocks of inventory which might notbe purchased.

Thanks to drop shipping, merchants order from store owners once the customers have already boughtthe products. This reduces the burden and saves time.

3. More Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale buyers are interested in partnering with drop ship wholesalers. This prevents buyers from the hassle of getting a warehouse and stocking the inventories, as drop shippers ship the products directly.

4. Increased Flexibility

Drop shippers further offer flexibility by allowing buyers to communicate directly with store owners and manufacturers. It also allows the flexibility to partner with several wholesale suppliers and sell more products.

5. Leverage

By offering drop shipping to wholesale customers, wholesalers will be able to prioritize building relationships with buyers. It will furthermore balance the burden between the supplier and the merchant.

Digital Procurement Platform and Its Various Components

When our registered users use our e-procurement platform, it removes the laborious task of carrying out important processes like eTender and eAuction, filling out various supplier onboarding questionnaires or exchanging supplier contracts. Our platform operates by connecting all the entities and processes relating to digital procurement through a centralised system.

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Skilled Professionals

The freelancing drop shippers onboard have chosen to go on their own because of developing a specialized talent and skill set.Hiring a professional can help the company attain exactly what they are looking for. The more the experience, the better the craft.

Assess Vendors

Hiring a freelance drop shipper removes the obligation to pay a drop shipper full time, rather pay them on an hourly or project basis. This is a lot less expensive and allows companies to spend less without sacrificing their requirement.

Fresh Perspective

The specialized experts have a complete know-how of what they do.But, as they are outsiders, they can offer a pair of fresh eyes on the company's progress.A fresh perspective and insights can be the perfect solution to a company's success.

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