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Hiring a full-time procurement professional can be a costly affair with it not being a routine job. we serve as a link between companies and procurement professionals and narrow the gap between the two enabling both sides to receive the best of what e-procurement has to offer.

We have sifted through experts to curate a pool of certified procurement professional offering services for small, medium and large-sized firms. By delivering quick but tangible cost improvement, we help organizations enhance the agility of the supply chain. Our team of certified freelancers ensures smooth operations by establishing requirements, evaluating vendors, managing risks, and negotiating contracts.


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Benefits of end-to-end procurement outsourcing

Reduced Costs

Minimizing the purchasing practices is the primary key. An effective procurement process supports having total visibility into the purchasing activity and a company's expenditures.This allows businesses to improve their bond with stakeholders, reduce procurement costs and track purchasing patterns to take care of the finances well. Sourcing the right certified procurement professional actively helps reduce a company's operational risks and outgoing costs.

The team of freelancers lowers operational costs and purchases supplies and services at thebest available price. Additionally, procurement practices enable organizations to make themost of discounts and warranties, which are often overlooked.

Improved Efficiency

The primary purpose of procurement and sourcing activity is to utilize the suppliers and external market optimally. Organizations adopting an effective procurement process eliminate redundancies in operation while promoting collaboration and drawing a line between underperforming and good suppliers.

At Procurement Freelancers, we help organizations find certified experts who benefit with economies of scale, reduce costs and produce more for less, adding a competitive edge to the business. Improved efficiency within the business allows the procurement team to determine the interests, capabilities, financial strength, and competitiveness, achieving an optimized supplier base. By weeding the under-performers, a procurement specialist helps businesses to work with suppliers enhancing the organization’s competitive advantage.

Foster Innovation

A skilled procurement professional channels their innovative self to help organizationsattain a competitive advantage. The contribution to innovation directly impacts theorganization and its standing in the marketplace. In addition, we take a step beyond being a procurement contractor and support the negotiation phase through bidding systems and online auctions allowing businesses to check product availability, place orders, track themand make payments.

Mitigate Risks

Supplier risk events are critical and can happen in four distinct areas: compliance,strategy, financial, and operational. Risk mitigation includes risk reduction, risk avoidance, and risk sharing. We ensure that the mitigation process is continually evolvingand addresses all risks associated with any organization's past, present and future processes. Hire a procurement specialist to address a sustainable method of assessing, identifying and solving supplier risks.

Support Supply Chain Resiliency

Our streamlined procurement process addresses all unexpected conditions, including labourfluctuations, economic uncertainty and natural disasters. Hiring purchasing agent enables businesses combat the challenges of 2020 and adjust the strategies to manage interruptions in cash flow and supply chain while providing uninterrupted service to stakeholders.

Digital Procurement Platform and Its Various Components

When our registered users use our e-procurement platform, it removes the laborious task of carrying out important processes like eTender and eAuction, filling out various supplier onboarding questionnaires or exchanging supplier contracts. Our platform operates by connecting all the entities and processes relating to digital procurement through a centralised system.

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Methods of Procurement Outsourcing

The process varies greatly depending on the structure and needs of a company.

Identify the Goods and Services Required

The step delves into assessing the minute details of the business needs, including the materials, technical specifications, service characteristics, part numbers, etc. The stepis followed by consulting all business departments involved in purchasing decisions toensure the items reflect the needs of the departments.

Assess Vendors

On receiving an approved purchase request, the specialists finalize a list of requirementsto find the best vendor and submit a request for a quote. The experts focus not on the costbut also on the speed, reputation, quality and reliability.

Negotiate Price and Terms

A procurement professional sifts through each quote while negotiating the prices well. Ongetting the final terms, they are presented in writing.

Inspect Delivered Goods

The process is followed by examining the goods to assess any damage or errors. In additionto this, a procurement contractor ensures that everything is delivered as specified in the purchase order to meet the quality and expectations.

Arrange Payment

The specialists streamline a standardized process to ensure that the invoices are paid ontime, preventing late fees and fostering a good relationship with suppliers.

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We lead by our motto to deliver nothing but the best. We have curated a large pool of certified procurement freelancers who are adept at outsourcing procurement services. We assess the professionals through a stringent process of evaluation to maximize benefits for organizations. Organizations can search for the required skills and attain freelancers to respond directly.

Swift Response

Through our efficient online presence, we enable businesses and entrepreneurs to find the required talent, even during emergencies. With faster response to business needs, our clients can stay competitive in the changing marketplace.

Improve Efficiency

We take care of most of the legwork for finding and paying purchasing agent, which minimizes the complexity between talent and business. It avoids wasting time, energy and effort while ensuring efficient and streamlined business management.

Ideal for Companies of All Sizes

All sizes of companies can benefit from our platform, as we offer the flexibility to choosea freelancer professional as per the needs and requirements of an organization. Businesses can match the specific skill set required and hire the specialist for the procurement needs.

A Link Between Employers and Employees

Going freelance is easier as organizations can simply post the requests online. Moreover, we also offer ease for businesses to directly interact with freelancers and communicate their needs. This offers a win-win situation for both employers and employees. Browse through the portfolios of our professionals and hire the ideal candidate as per the business requirement.