The specialists who innovate the network come from all continents. Currently we are in almost every country in the world
Once the profile accepted, freelancer can either wait to be contacted by the clients or submit proposals to the jobs that will be published by these to provide their products and or service proposals, prices, delivery periods and other conditions
NO, is free to use for freelancers. We never charge job seekers for our services.
Yes, many of our clients are looking for skilled remote candidates in procurement to staff their any open scopes. We can offer assistance to help you work securely from home, if necessary.
If your profile isn't accepted or you do not receive any feedback from our team after your submission, this means that either; you have not completed the verification process, or your recommendations have not been confirmed, or we are unable to match you with our Clients because of the level of your experience. Please contact our support or send us an email directly with your CV and references persons at [email protected]. We will get back to you if we think you should continue the process.
Yes, we can help you quickly and easily add off-site staff. Hundreds of highly skilled professionals are capable of working remotely/on-site from anywhere. We can help you determine and post your need to request a quote from relevant candidates and can work securely from anywhere, regardless of your needs or capabilities.
Our recruiting service immediately launches an ad hoc search to find the best candidates. You will receive an email to check their profile/CV. As soon as the profile suits you this candidate will be invited to submit an offer for your project.
PFL offers a service guarantee. When you start a project, you only pay when you are satisfied. To make PFL a secure space, rate your candidate and report it to us. We will contact you to meet your requirements.
Providing an excellent customer experience is a top priority at PFL. To share any feedback or get in touch with our Customer Service teams
YES ! The algorithm specially developed for instantly calculates the relevance between the experts’ skills and the client brief. It assigns each criterion - functional skills, experience, language, ... a score, which measures the adequacy of the profile in relation to the client's search. It also takes into account the needs and aspirations of each user: we can indeed list in order of importance the search criteria to obtain the closest result possible of his request.