Procurement Specialist
  • India Karnataka Bangalore
  • Expert in Price Automation and Procurement activities
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Principal Consultant - Indirect Services
  • United States Iowa Eldridge
  • 100% client focused with the sole intent of helping clients successfully navi...
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  • India Andhra Pradesh Guntur
  • A result-oriented professional offering 5+ years of a successful career with...
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Sourcing Agent EU/ China
  • Belgium Flemish Region Paris
  • Speaks Dutch, English ,Mandarin and sufficient French. Acting between EU and ...
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  • Cambodia Phnom Penh Phnom Penh
  • We serve with Integrity. We help you improve your business performance and ma...
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Procurement Engineer/Mechanical Application Engineer
  • India Maharashtra THANE
  • Hello, I have been working with Oil & Gas section, I have 6+ work experience ...
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Partner/Business Development/Procurement
  • India Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad
  • I am Executive Partner with Super Sales Corporation. We mft. Steel pipes.
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Ex: Procurement Services Director
  • Zimbabwe Harare Harare
  • A seasoned Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional who not only has the...
  • United States Georgia Marietta
  • 450% - 2200% ROI; EVERY sourcing project has exceeded expectations • $556M i...
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  • Algeria Blida Blida
  • Hello ; Let me ask you to consider recruiting within your team. Indeed, se...