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Job description

drive flawless launches at all brands (schedule a, capacity planning and verification, ppap (production part approval process), supplier process aims-automated issues management system issues resolution).

drive continuous improvement in manufacturing excellence throughout the supply base.

manage the progression of key suppliers to achieve q1 and manage the deployment of the q1 process and disciplines.

drive deployment of quality performance requirements, initiatives and training to supply base in sta tools (e.g. Warranty reduction, benchmarking, lean manufacturing, reliability and robustness, g8d (global 8 disciplines) methodology, pfmea (process failure mode effect analysis), spc (statistical process control), gage r&r (repeatability and reproducibility), etc.) as required.

provide new location manufacturing feasibility evaluations and quality data to support sourcing activities through candidate supplier selection.

maintain quality-related database for assigned suppliers.

drive closure of supplier process quality issues related to j1+ serial production activities for stop ship/build, common cause & complex bsaq (balanced single agenda for quality) projects, fie) and field action stop ship/prevent action

support resolution of special cause supplier process bsaq (warranty-related) projects.

drive sim (supplier improvement matrix) process compliance and sta/product development matched pair plan.

leading supply-base throughout industrialization activities that are particularly being managed at start-up business partners as well as experienced sites who are first time industrializing a key product / commodity.

support & lead cost estimation studies with purchasing team.

do value for money @ commercial studies for facilities & tools with purchasing team. Actual audit for tooling cost at supplier site.

take part in price negotiations along with buyers in purchasing team.

drive supplier risk management activities through utilizing special auditing tools.

support ongoing studies to do with gd&t discussions & documentation along with purchasing functions.

take part in to4 evaluation & verification of p2ec quotes

support smrt audits by way of utilizing a standardized checklist as part of q1 attainment studies.

tracking down suppliers' delivery performance metrics and guiding in management of issues' resolutions & disputes on superg.

conducting thorough capacity analysis at suppliers in case capacity ramp-up, production stoppages, labor shortages, and other emerging situations.

working closely with product development teams to generate solutions and ideas to support marketing functions.

examine trends and industry developments to identify new business opportunities to support marketing functions.

support vertical projects within product development, it, finance and sales teams.

develop good relationships specifically with product development, it and other departments in order to follow the workflow.

keeping fully up to date with the automotive sector development to support marketing functions.


at least 2 years of experience in sta and/or manufacturing / quality areas

being proficient in english when working with global teams & worldwide supplier partners.

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