Sourcing Agent - For Pet Products in Bulk Orders

I am looking for a reliable agent with 5+ years of experience with sourcing products from China. My company's main focus are pet bed products, but if I like working with you I might source other products with you, too! I am looking for a long-term business relationship.

Usually I am looking for 200-300 units for the first order. Follow up orders are 500+.

Your tasks include:

- Contacting manufacturers and filtering them out if you don't have a good impression, quality is key

- Send me the 5 best quotations you got

- Order samples from 3 best manufacturers to you ( I pay shipping )

- Make videos and pictures of the product, test them for quality

Therefore I offer 50$ fixed fee and I am paying for sample shipping fees.

If I am happy with the prices and the product quality I would like you to assist me with these tasks:

- Negotiating prices

- Sending me samples

- Developing custom features like packaging for me

- Arranging private label products

- Get quotes for shipping

- Arranging shipping for me

- Fix order details in contract with supplier

- Place order

All future orders from this supplier will go through you. I offer 5% of the total order value.


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