Urgent - Food grade hydrophobic/nano coating liquid supplier

We're a design studio in London and we're looking for someone to join us to develop a revolutionary and exciting product... URGENTLY! 

Ideally you:

- can research, contact and find a supplier

- have an understanding of the chemistry of nano, hydrophobic, waterproofing coatings for physical products

- have some suppliers you already know to speak to

To help us find:

a food grade superhydrophobic waterproofing liquid coating (from beeswax
1 x supplier anywhere in the world, but ideally China
to purchase and send to our manufacturing line

You can be placed anywhere in the world! Our manufacturing line is in China and so our preference is to find a supplier nearby.

This is an exciting product to be part of and we're very excited to find an expert to join us and make this happen.

Some links to help explain what we would need you to find:

1) https://www.advancedsciencenews.com/superhydrophobic-coatings-from-beeswax/

2) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30199830/


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