I need a machinary import from China to india

  • China,
  • Estimated project duration:
I need a machinary from China, it is actually for fitting stone in jewellery. Name of the machine: Intelligent visual automatic crystal setting machine for jewelry.

Looking for Executive Assistant

  • India,
  • Estimated project duration: Ongoing
Must take care of jobs in my hands. Working remotely from Home. Only shall be called to public event at later part of the year once we physically meet. Incentives will be USD2.00 per hour with mini...

Consumer Product Sourcing Agent

  • China, Germany, United States,
  • Estimated project duration:
I represent an Irish e-commerce retail(B2C) website that will be launching in late December. We are looking for a sourcing agent that will be able assist us in procuring authentic consumer products...

Shoes, Bags, Jewellery

  • Thailand,
  • Estimated project duration:
I am running a retail outlet (Shoes, bags and Jewellery) in Pakistan. I want to procure products for my store in small quantities. I am looking for a professional sourcing agent for the same.

Sourcing agent to find a jewelry manufacturer in China

  • China,
  • Estimated project duration:
I am looking for Sourcing specialist to source jewelry manufacturers in China, professional and serious suppliers who can make quality jewellery models at a lower cost.