Audio Products Sourcing Agent in Shenzhen, China

  • China,
  • Desired start date: Mar, 29, 2021
  • Estimated project duration: 1 - 4 weeks

We're looking for a sourcing agent to partner with, requirements are as following:

1.  Good experience in tech-products

2. Must have immediate suppliers/Manufacturers to collaborate

3. Overall Project Management (from product sourcing till delivery)

4. Get product quotations

5. Manage and send us test products (Samples)

6. Talk to manufacturers for adding OEM logo, and customization.

7. Check if all packaging parameters are met

8. Understanding box dimensions for optimal customer experience and transportation.

The following products will be involved:

1. Truly Wireless Earbuds

2. Over the head (On-ear) headphones

3. Charging cables

4. Power banks 

If you are familar with the products and suppliers, and located in Shenzhen, China, please send your offer.

Thank you.

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