I am starting my Dropshipping Business.I sell via Shopify using Facebook ads, tik tok and snapchat. Can i send you my website and can you source my products and give me prices and lead times. I have found them all on ali express however i understand a sourcing agent can achieve better price and lead time for shipment

Can you also arrange packaging?

Also can you integrate an app into my Shopify so you can fullfill the orders Or do i have to send you a list daily?

Thank you

My number is +[XHide-Personal-DetailsX]

You can contact me on whatsapp

Itacare is a global logistics advisory firm providing services in the energy, and industrial sectors for clients throughout the world seeking experts in the field.

We are currently searching for experienced professionals to consider as candidates for a series of tasks related to our logistical operations in Europe.


- sourcing products

- research and physical checks of relevant suppliers and factories

- providing quotes

- arranging shipping

- handling customs needs

- representing company

Due to the growing need for experts in logistics between the European and Chinese Markets, we require candidates with the following expertise and capable of meeting our requirements:

- FLUENT Mandarin/Cantonese speaker

- capability to travel freely in both Europe and China

- part-time availability

- experience and background in the tasks related above

Relevant candidates shall submit their resume.