I represent an Irish e-commerce retail(B2C) website that will be launching in late December. We are looking for a sourcing agent that will be able assist us in procuring authentic consumer products from legitimate sources all around the world. The consumer products we are looking for include but are not limited to electronics, beauty & health, homeware & garden, fashion & jewellery and toys & stationery. Depending on negotiation, we will be able to offer a retainer and we require verifiable references to proceed. We thank you for your time and look forward to further communication. 

Origami Paddler recently completed a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. We have orders for 13,000+ products, and expect to be in product in Jan. We need some support sourcing seats, paddles, and accessories. 

I've started my E-commerce project, so I'm looking to source from suppliers that can help me to improve my project. As a beginner, I started with buying accesoirices, now I wanna buy shoes and winter clothes, house dressing... 

HItch-mounted car bike rack. Very light-weight (about 16lbs) even a female can mount it.,  Easy to mount to hitch.  Easy to secure bike.  Very rigid.  Easy to store.  Very high-tech look. Nothing like it in the hitch-mounted car bike rack segment.