Seeking reliable and genuine suppliers from Europe to supply Nike Shoes at great prices

  • Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, London
  • Estimated project duration: Not Specified
I am based in the UK and want to sell Nike shoes in my country before branching out to other countries like the rest of Europe and the US. I want to test a small batch first so want a reliable, tru...

Consumer Product Sourcing Agent

  • China, Germany, United States,
  • Estimated project duration:
I represent an Irish e-commerce retail(B2C) website that will be launching in late December. We are looking for a sourcing agent that will be able assist us in procuring authentic consumer products...

We need support in sourcing some components and accessories for our new watercraft company, Origami Paddler.

  • United States,
  • Estimated project duration:
Origami Paddler recently completed a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. We have orders for 13,000+ products, and expect to be in product in Jan. We need some support sourcing seats, paddles, a...

Looking for buying agent in china

  • Azerbaijan, China, India,
  • Estimated project duration:
Looking for sourcing agent in China mainly and India or Azerbaijan next to find the best products in the best quality and price possible for Kids clothes and accessories. 

I am looking for suppliers for my E-commerce project

  • China, India,
  • Estimated project duration:
I've started my E-commerce project, so I'm looking to source from suppliers that can help me to improve my project. As a beginner, I started with buying accesoirices, now I wanna buy shoes and wint...

Need contract manufacturing freelance sourcing agent familiar with chinese manufacturers

  • China,
  • Estimated project duration:
HItch-mounted car bike rack. Very light-weight (about 16lbs) even a female can mount it.,  Easy to mount to hitch.  Easy to secure bike.  Very rigid.  Easy to store.  Very high-tech look. Nothing l...